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  • Hallo und guten Tag,
    finde Ihre Seite als Altenpflegeschülerin sehr spannend aber ich
    würde gerne wissen ob es mich etwas kostet ?

    Wen ich mir etwas zum lernen Kopiere oder herunter lade entstehen für mich kosten?

    Danke schon mal…Gruß C. Lenz

  • Hallo Zusammen, bin auf diese Website gestossen, weil ich auf der Suche nach Nebenwirkungen bzw Ausgleich selbiger nach Einnahme von Prednisolon bin… hatte dieses Medikament vor ca 20 Jahren wegen einer rezidivanten Trachealstenose (war allerdings mechanisch durch fehlerhafte Intubationbedingt) erhalten.. ein Jahr genommen, keine Wirkung… nun soll ich es wieder nehmen wegen Polypen in den Nasennebenhöhlen… hmmmmmmmm

  • „BRÜ – worlds first automated tea machine for loose leaf tea and tea bags

    At BRÜ we’re on a mission.

    A mission to simplify the tea making process. A mission to cut down on wasted water and wasted energy in your home or office. A mission to remove the inconsistency that stands between you and the perfect cup of tea.

    After more than 2 years of development and testing, we’re finally ready to launch and introduce BRÜ to the public.

    With BRÜ, you have the freedom to set your brewing time, water temperature and cup size at the twist of a dial and push of a button. The machine saves your previous settings so you can quickly repeat the process without having to change the settings every time.

    You don’t need to buy expensive tea capsules or pods to use BRÜ. Simply use the tea that you already have at home or explore new types and flavour combinations with ease.

    Every machine comes with all the accessories you need to make the perfect cup of tea for loose leaf or tea bag users. Machines are shipping worldwide and come with the correct power cable for users region, so everyone can enjoy BRÜ. The BRÜ+ model features an innovative cleaning function which keeps the machine fresh and clean after each cup of tea.

    Kickstarter link:

  • If you use an iPad, you know that it’s missing a lot of critical features people use on laptops, for example, a trackpad or a keyboard. It comes without ports, so you’re unable to use it with many other devices.

    Introducing DoBox Pro, the perfect docking station for iPad Pro. Imagine turning your iPad Pro into a fully capable laptop!

    Thanks to the new iPad OS, you can use the trackpad and the keyboard of DoBox Pro everywhere just like on a laptop.

    Connect to almost any device without bulky and over-priced adapters: micro SD cards, headphones, HDMI display, USB 3.0 devices, and to wired networks. You can even add M.2 SATA storage up to 2 terabytes, and charge your device from the 16.000 mAh built-in battery.

    You can work comfortably even at night with the laser engraved backlit keyboard. It works with both the 12.9” or the 11” iPad Pro and even with the older ones!

    DoBox Pro supports all of the iPads and iPhones with USB-C or Lightning port easily with a special cable. This means DoBox Pro is compatible with all iPhone and iPad versions that can run iOS 13 or iPad OS! The DoBox Pro with an iPad can finally replace your laptop. This is the perfect docking station for your iPad.

    Kickstarter link: